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Braid and Curl Sheen Spray
Conditioning Scalp Spray
Foam Wrap Lotion
Gro & Repair Cream
Leave-In Conditioner
pH Balanced Shampoo
Protein Conditioner
Super Body Lotion


Our Signature Series activator is specifically formulated to stop breakage and end dryness.  It will soften your curls and give your hair a nice uniform, natural appearance.  Plus, it provides a nice, even, attractive sheen without the greasy look.

Braid and Curl Sheen Spray

If you prefer to have a Natural Curl style or Braided hair, you should apply Braid & Curl Sheen Spray.  Tighter curls and braids have a greater tendency to break the hair.  Our Braid & Curl Sheen Spray helps reduce the breakage by adding moisture and conditioning all the way down to the scalp.  Itís a great way to add sheen and keep your hair looking good.

Conditioning Scalp Spray

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp!  Dr. Donnie Cannonsí Conditioning Scalp Spray helps give your hair the shine and moisture it needs by starting at the root.  A Dry itchy scalp is a sign that your hair is too dry and this can damage the root.  Give your scalp the moisture it needs so it can provide you with beautiful hair.

Foam Wrap Lotion

We think you will find this wonderful foaming wrap lotion to be very helpful in maintaining strong healthy hair.  It is specially formulated to provide the ultimate degree of volume, texture and body.  The formula is great for eliminating frizz, split ends and tangles while adding manageability to all hair types.  Curls will last longer and straight hair stays straighter longer.

Leave-In Conditioner

What is leave-in conditioner?  Well, it should be left in.  Shampoos and most conditioners are applied and then rinsed out.  Dr. Donnie Cannonsí Leave-In Conditioner adds back essential vitamins and penetrates deep into the hair cuticle.  It will leave your hair healthier, looking and feeling softer by providing added moisture.  For well-conditioned, beautiful hair, leave it in!

pH Balanced Shampoo

Dr. Donnie Cannon has developed what we think is the perfect shampoo.  Its exclusive formula provides you with the consistent moisture and conditioning that beautiful hair deserves.

Protein Conditioner

Some people donít use conditioners.  We think that is a mistake!  While shampoo cleans the hair, it also opens and cleans the hair cuticle, but it also leaves them unprotected.  The purpose of our Protein Conditioner is to not only close the cuticle but also fill them with protein and make them stronger.  Stronger hair is easier to comb, style and manage.


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Gro & Repair Cream


Super Body Lotion

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